POSI Bridge

See the full user guide to POSI Bridge here.

What is the POSI Bridge?

The Position Bridge is a cross-chain protocol designed for efficient and unlimited crypto token transfers with instant and secure transactions.

At the moment, POSI Bridge offers to transfer POSI from BNB Chain to POSI Chain and vice versa.

How to use the POSI Bridge?

  1. Log in to the Position Exchange homepage and connect to your wallet. Choose tab Bridge.

  2. Choose your source network and select a token in the "From" section.

  3. Enter the amount of token that you want to transfer by clicking inside the input box.

  4. Choose your destination network and select the token you want to receive in the โ€œToโ€ section. The amount of received tokens will be automatically calculated from the source token.

  5. Click โ€œApproveโ€ to confirm the action on your first time using POSI Bridge. From the second time onwards, the button will be displayed as โ€œSendโ€.

Why should you use the POSI Bridge?

The POSI Bridge functions in an innovative approach regarding the following fundamental attributes:

Fast transaction

Every transfer involves 2 transactions: on the source and destination chains. The transfer of data on POSI Bridge takes only as much time as is required by the given blockchains to confirm it.

Low fee

The System fee and the Relayer fee on POSI Bridge only charge 1 POSI for each. Similarly, the RFI fee takes a minor 1% transaction fee.

User-friendly design

With a simple and straightforward design, the POSI Bridge display facilitates easy procedures that do not require users to read guides and documentation.

No Limits

POSI Bridge allows transferring millions of tokens at a time.

Blockchain ecosystem exploration

If you have POSI on BNB Chain and you want to explore Position Exchange and POSI Chain to try out their native dapps, you can use a bridge to transfer your POSI from BNB Chain to POSI Chain.

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