Core features

On-Chain Derivatives

The mobile app offers fully on-chain derivatives trading in an open, transparent, and trustless system. Staking POSI holders can easily stake and generate rewards.


POSI holders can easily stake and generate rewards.


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Trade/ Swap

Trade tokens in a second with a better rate and lower gas fees, etc.

With Position Exchange, users can Trade Crypto Derivatives, Generate passive income through farming and staking, Invest and borrow, Dive into the NFT world, and Participate in Governance and Community activities in a True Decentralized system.


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POSI Chain

Previously operated on BNB Chain, Position Exchange has worked on its own POSI Chain. POSI Chain represents a speedy and secure blockchain for decentralized applications, with high security and scalability, built as an open network of nodes governed by Posination.

POSI Chain has been developed to help overcome myriad of limitations and provides a system with high-speed, ultra-low cost and great TPS.

POSI Bridge

The Position Bridge is a cross-chain protocol designed for efficient and unlimited crypto token transfers with instant and secure transactions.

At the moment, POSI Bridge offers to transfer POSI from BNB Chain to POSI Chain and vice versa.

Our ambition is to make POSI Bridge a bridging protocol among several leading blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche in the near future.

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