What is POSI Chain?

POSI Chain is a speedy decentralized blockchain with high security and scalability, built as an open network of nodes governed by Posination.

Why you should choose POSI Chain?

  • POSI Chain represents a fast and highly secure blockchain for decentralized applications.
  • According to its proponents, it uses a complex consensus mechanism based on PoS (Proof-of-Stake) that provides better performance than older mechanisms. Our PoS facilitates decentralization while supporting stake delegation, reward compounding, and double-sign slashing.
  • POSI Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain with support for smart contract functionalities. POSI Chain offers great speed, low transaction costs, and high capacity.
  • POSI Chain ensures harmony and balance among scalable (sharding), secure & decentralized features with 2-second transaction finality.

How many transactions can POSI Chain perform per second?

POSI Chain can process up to 10,000 transactions per second.

How long does it take to perform 1 transaction?

POSI Chain has 2-second transaction finality, less than that of BNB which is 3 seconds.