POSI Chain Vision


In the next five years, our main vision is to build a community-driven protocol using innovative instruments in order to support POSI holders and boost ecosystem values. We attempt to make POSI Chain rank among the top 5 EVM-compatible blockchains in the crypto industry.


  • We will provide a blockchain that is EVM-compatible with support for smart contract functionalities.
  • The platform will be more efficient, with a processing speed of less than 1 second per block, while still being reasonably priced.
  • At the moment, with a TPS of up to 10,000, POSI Chain is expected to be transferred to a powerful DeFi platform with the capacity to handle up to 50k TPS.


  • Similar to Position Exchange's roadmap, we will initially focus on developing a central orderbook for perpetual futures trading - an order processing center that handles all transactions and orderbook.
  • Next, we will provide a powerful development platform where developers can build their applications on a fast, cheap, and powerful blockchain.
  • Ultimately, we are heading towards upgrading POSI Chain, in order to make it one of the fastest and strongest blockchains.