Setup Guide

There are 2 ways to add POSI Chain to your MetaMask wallet on your mobile devices:

Automatic Setup

  • Open the MetaMask app, go to the Browser section and navigate to

  • Click “Add POSI Network”

  • Click “Approve”

  • Click “Switch network” and you have successfully added POSI Chain to MetaMask

You will now notice that the units are denominated in POSI rather than ETH.

Manual Setup

Download MetaMask

  • Install Metamask on your mobile device here.

  • Download Metamask from the App Store or Play Store.

Create an account on MetaMask

  • Open MetaMask app on your device.

  • Log in to your Metamask account if you already have one, or create a new one.

Connect MetaMask to POSI Chain Mainnet

Once you have a MetaMask account, the first time you log in to a new device, the screen will display the default Ethereum Mainnet. You should notice that in case your assets are not found, make sure you have selected the correct network.

  • Click on the Account Identicon

  • Select “Setting” from the dropdown menu

  • Select “Networks” from the Setting menu

  • Click on the “Add a network” button.

  • Click the “Add” button to save information.

You'll notice two things when you Save the Network and go back to the main view

  • The network has already been adjusted to the POSI Chain

  • The units are now denominated in POSI rather than ETH.

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