Upgrading A Node

Validator/Explorer Nodes

1. Backup Files

Go to the Posichain working directory and create a folder called backup in case it does not exist:

mkdir -p backup

Move the posichain binary file to backup folder:

mv posichain backup

2. Download Node Binary

Before we proceed to next steps we need to download the node binary first:

curl -LO https://download.posichain.org/latest/posichain && chmod +x posichain

Or you can replace latest in the URL with the version that you want to upgrade (eg: v0.1.XX)

Check the node binary version that was downloaded:

./posichain -V

3. Restart Systemd Service

sudo systemctl restart posichain

4. Checking Node

sudo systemctl status posichain

Make sure the output of above command contains: Active: active (running)

More advanced check, follow instructions on Checking A Node.

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