Delegating To A Validator

How to delegate tokens to a validator

You can delegate tokens to a validator using the following command:

./psc --node="" staking delegate \
    --delegator-addr [YOUR ADDRESS] --validator-addr [VALIDATOR ADDRESS] \
    --amount [AMOUNT] --passphrase


./psc --node="" staking delegate \
    --delegator-addr 0xbD6FDD6d12169942764E5c9EE88A0aE3E9E48655 \
    --validator-addr 0x589577117AE579D977c9f63Cac1828e20D4e24da \
    --amount 10000 --passphrase

The CLI will ask for the passphrase for the delegator-addr keystore file.

--delegator-addr is the address of the delegator (string)

--validator-addr is the address of the validator (string)

--amount is the number of POSI tokens to delegate to the validator (float)

As a validator, if you want to increase your stake, you will have to delegate to yourself. For delegating to your own validator, delegator-addr and validator-addr will be the same.

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