1. I delegated and my validator is earning, but why can’t I see my reward?

Check for your rewards earned on the Portfolio page of the staking dashboard. In case your validators make profits, you can receive these rewards earliest in the next epoch from the epoch you completed delegating.

2. When are my undelegated tokens back to my account?

After you confirm the undelegation, money will be located in pending undelegation and withdrawn to your wallet after an epoch.

3. How do I know how many portions of profit I receive from the validators?

The profit you receive depends on the ratio between your delegating amount and the total staked amount of your validator. The commission for your validators is a fee you have to pay on your profit. It’s different among validators. So, you can choose your preferred validators with reasonable commission rates.

4. Why is the “Expected Return” value 0 for validators?

The Expected return value will start to show real non-zero values after a validator completes one full epoch after getting elected. This is because when a validator gets selected for the first time, there is no historical data to estimate expected returns.

5. Is reward per validator/delegator fixed?

No, it consists of the validator’s staking efficiency, uptime, and total stake within a shard.

6. My validator wasn’t elected, can I undelegate and stake to another validator?

Yes, you can. You can check instructions to delegate and undelegate at the top of this article.

7. Is there a window between epochs to delegate tokens?

There is no window between epochs, however, you can collect rewards close to the end of the current epoch, and immediately delegate, to be active and earn rewards in the next epoch.

8. What does Commission mean?

It is the amount that the validator will charge from the generated rewards for services rendered (running servers, maintenance, maintaining high uptime).

9. Unable to claim rewards, what can I do?

Please ensure you have enough to cover the gas fee. Gas fee is deducted from your Available balance and not from the reward you’ve earned.

10. What’s the minimum claim amount for delegators?


11. What is the minimum stake amount for delegators?

100 POSI.

12. How long does an epoch last?

It depends on the blocktime. Currently, 1 epoch has 16384 blocks and with a 2s blocktime this is around 9.1 hours.

13. Are there any risks involved with POSI Chain Staking?

There are risks associated with Staking on POSI Chain. Among those could be the following: Account lost: Mnemonic/Private key backup Firmware Problems Network Centralization Price Volatility of $POSI Coins Technical Debt

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