1. POSI CLI Download

The POSI CLI tool is used to interact with the Posichain blockchain. Make sure NOT to run the Node Setup with theroot user. We recommend creating a new user called psc for the Node Setup and giving it root level access. Throughout this guide, we will use the following syntax:

  • ./psc: This is the CLI program

  • <argument>: This is a required argument

  • [argument]: This is an optional argument

  • / : This is a line break, used to break up a line while writing a command

Download POSI CLI tool

1. For Linux

curl -LO https://download.posichain.org/latest/psc && chmod +x psc

2. For MacOS

Coming soon




Frequently encountered errors:

./psc cookbook ​-bash: ./psc: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error​ # Make sure you downloaded the right version for your OS.

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