Adding A Validator Logo

Upload a custom logo to be displayed on your Staking Dashboard profile

Follow the following steps to setup your validator logo using Keybase:

  • Login to your Keybase account or create a new one.

  • On your profile, if you don't have a PGP key set yet, just click on "Add a PGP key" to create or import an existing one.

  • Once you have created it just click on it like it is shown on the example below:

Once you click on it, Keybase will open a new page. Click on the link "this key":

This will open a new page with the PGP public key finger print in the url parameter:

Use the following command to update your validator identity with the keybase fingerprint.

./psc --node="" staking edit-validator --validator-addr [YOUR VALIDATOR ADDRESS] --identity [YOUR KEYBASE FINGERPRINT] --passphrase

Enter the passphrase when prompted. Just wait 10 min and your Keybase profile picture will automatically be used for your validator image on the Staking Dashboard!

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